About Us

The Mixers
Hosting a function?  Whatever your event, we would love to discuss with you how we can help make it an occasion.
  • Getting married?  We'll entertain your guests while the bridal party photographs are being taken.​  

  • Opening an exhibition?  We'll provide background music while your guests browse the collection.  

  • Having a conference dinner?  We'll play while your delegates mingle with their pre-dinner cocktails.

  • Celebrating a birthday or anniversary?  Our repertoire spans several generations.

Jim Coleshaw

Jim Coleshaw’s musical education took place in the UK.  He plays both tenor and soprano sax, giving a full palette of tonalities to suit any tune.  Widely-travelled and experienced in live performing, Jim brings his unique perspective to the Mixers’ blend.

Clare Churcher

Clare Churcher was trained in both classical and stride piano styles, a rare combination that has enabled her to cover a wide range of genres with ease.  Her qualifications include an ATCL and she is currently studying jazz performance at Ara (formerly known as the CPIT Jazz School).

Neville Churcher

Neville Churcher is currently a student in the Ara Music Arts programme (formerly known as the CPIT Jazz School).  Whether on electric or acoustic upright bass or bass guitar, he looks after The Mixers’ bottom end.