Gindulgence 2019
Performing at Fat Eddie's
UC graduation celebration
Sometimes it rains on wedding days
In the studio
Kate Sheppard House
Chamber Gallery concert
Neville in the studio
Jazz after work
Jim's new sax
At Kate Sheppard house
Practice makes ...
Mixers with Kim Blackmore
On the deck at Ilam Homestead
Mixers with the Mayor
On stage playing at an art auction
Getting married?
Clare in action
Christmas functions are always fun
Playing at an art auction
Gindulgence 2019 at Ilam Homestead
Recording in the studio
Jim in the studio
Mixers Careforce
Duo (Neville)
That's grand
On stage at an art auction
Jazz with your pre-dinner cocktails?
The Mixers on deck
Getting in tune
Jim in the studio
The Mixers at the Volstead
Outdoor weddings are fun
The Mixers mixing
UC graduation clebration
Jim at work
In the studio
Duo (Clare)
At the bridal show
Ready to play
In the studio
Neville in the practice room
Decisions, decisions...
A bassist is never off duty
Electric upright bass
Warming up
On stage at the Blues Bar
New logo candidate
Grand with hands